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With family or friends

Personalised tuition on your own or with family and friends
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    With a private lesson you will:
    • be advised on your current skiing level, your strong points and areas for improvement. 
    • Lessons are then tailored to your exact needs and include expert advice and special exercises to help you improve and enjoy your experience. 
    • In addition, there is the opportunity to explore new disciplines, such as Telemark, snowboarding and country skiing. 

    Private lessons can be booked for 1 or 2 people of a similar level and in the same discipline (skiing, snowboarding…). It is strongly recommended to book private lessons in advance of your stay as Private lessons are subject to the availability of our instructors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information. 
    TimetableOn demand & depending on avilabiliy 
    PRIVATE LESSONSFrench school HolidaysOther periods
    MorningDe 9h à 12h De 9h à 12h
    AfternoonDe 12h à 17h30De 12h à 17h30
    5 to 6 LESSON PACKSFebruary French holidaysOther periods
     6x1h LessonsDe 14h à 15h
    6x2h LessonsDe 11h30 à 13h30
    5x2h ou 6x2hDe 9h00 à 16h00
    5x1h30 ou 6x1h30De 12h30-15h30
    Prices1-2 People 
    LessonsFebruary French holidaysOther periods
    1h Lesson - Morning65 €65 €
    1h Lesson - Afternoon65 €50 €
    A surcharge of 15 € is applied for extra participants.
    PACKAGE (up to 10% discount)
    1-2 Personnes
    PRIVATE LESSONS PACKSNew year's weekFebruary French holidaysOther periods + Christmas
    6x1h February French holidays330 €
    6x2h February French holidays702 €
    6x2h30 Morning858 €
    5x2h30 Morning715 €
    4x2h30 Morning572 €
    6x2h Afternoon475 €510 €
    5x2h Afternoon396 €425 €
    6x1h30 Afternoon356 €382 €
    5x1h30 Afternoon297 €319 €